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I have been working on a series of straps from some of my wonderful Peruvian fabric. While they are similar in some ways, they are sufficiently different from each other that I don’t feel I can list these as multiples of the same strap. So, as I list them and show them to you, you will see the similarities but you will also see the differences and perhaps prefer one over the other. In any case, all of them are absolutely luscious in their thickness and in the boldness of their colors. Happy New Year to everyone!!


Just love this new strap! Airy, whimsical, reminds me of pixies and secret gardens  I just think it’s really cool! Thanks for taking a look!   A Most Unusual and Beautiful Handmade Guitar Strap


I am always thrilled when I find a really unique and visually striking material to use in making my guitar straps. This is one of those materials. The vividness of the colors is awesome but it’s the faux French knots that make it really stunning! Vivid Stripes on Black Artisan Handmade Guitar Strap

The Plaids Have It!

Posted: August 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

I really love working with plaid and this particular design I just found especially striking. The colors are elegant and understated, the lines precise, it’s just a lovely design and one I’m really proud to offer on this limited edition custom handmade guitar strap.

A Beautiful, Elegant Plaid Artisan Handmade Guitar Strap

I am always searching for unique materials for my guitar straps and found this really cool vintage fabric from 1989, a remarkably complex Africa print design on a luscious, soft, substantial cotton. It has an interesting little back story that I hope you take a minute to read. Thanks for taking a look! Beautiful earth tone vintage fabric artisan handmade guitar strap  

I LOVE unusual fabrics, distinctive patterns, just materials that go way outside the bounds of what is generally available to the public in the way of guitar straps. I make semi-annual pilgrimages to Milton, Florida, a wonderful little artisan community that has, among other things, an amazing selection of vintage fabrics. This is one of those awesome finds– a gorgeous vintage tapestry that is just luscious in its design and weave. It is so thick that it won’t fit through the triglide length adjuster so I am offering it as a custom length guitar strap. This being the only section I could salvage from the tapestry with absolutely no flaws, this is the only strap I could make so it is a one of a kind strap. I really hope you like it and I would love your comments on it! Thanks!! Beautiful one of a kind custom length handmade guitar strap on Reverb

The Victorian era was one of genteel romanticism and the artistic  imagery of that time, in both art and textiles, was beautifully and delicately expressed. Rich colors, ornate designs, especially floral images, is one of the most easily recognized emblems of Victorian demure, constrained passion.  Being able to create a custom handmade guitar strap that portrays those sensibilities of harnessed passion using a unique vintage material is an absolute thrill.  A Lovely Vintage Victorian Floral Handmade Guitar Strap